Privacy Policy

At Veritex Bank, N.A. we are committed to providing you with responsive, personalized service, and keeping you informed about new services that may be of immediate interest to you, or new benefits that can help you derive the greatest value.

Customer information is at the heart of our ability to provide superior service to you. In the sections that follow, we describe the types of information that are collected, and how and why that information may be shared with others.

Information Use and Disclosure

We use and share customer information within the Your Bank family of banks and companies for a variety of reasons, including the following:
  • To protect you. The information we maintain about your customer relationship helps us identify you and helps prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your information, or your accounts or services.
  • To provide superior service. Your customer information allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs — from obtaining cash through ATMs, to fast approval of your loan application.
  • To tell you about new or enhanced financial services. By understanding your relationship, we can better meet your needs and determine your eligibility for other services that could be of value to you. For example, if we know that you own your own home, we might offer you a home equity loan rather than an installment loan because of the potential tax benefits.
  • To improve and develop our products and services. Every product or service we offer is designed to reflect the ways our customers actually use their accounts. This is the reason why we collect and analyze information about customer activity and history, and how we tailor new types of loans, checking, and other accounts to meet your needs.
Information Disclosed to Outside Financial Service Providers

We do not share information with outside companies for the purpose of selling their products and services to you without giving you the opportunity in advance to decline this option (that is, to "opt out" of this type of sharing). As permitted by law, we arrange programs with outside financial service providers to offer you the benefits of "one-stop shopping" or other conveniences. We disclose information only when we believe that this information is important for the offer, or necessary to provide you with a premium or rate quote. Our joint agreements with these companies are subject to confidentiality provisions and restrictions on using the information for any other purpose.

Information Disclosed to Outside Parties in Other Situations

We also disclose certain customer information to government agencies, consumer reporting agencies, and other outside parties as permitted or required by the Federal Privacy Act and other applicable laws. These disclosures are made for specific, limited purposes.

Information Confidentiality and Security

Your Bank is committed to preventing others from unauthorized access to your customer information, and we maintain procedures and technology designed for this purpose. We take several steps to protect the customer information we have about you.